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Welcome to Perla Residence

AB International Group LLC is a company operating in Kosovo for several years now, which is owned and financed by several international investors.

AB International Group has great plans ahead, and Perla Residence is one of them.

Perla Residence is a planned residential complex, consisting of 22 individual villas. The residence is located in New Prishtina, Hajvalia, in one of the most promising locations for real estate investments.

Perla Residence will be a very exclusive neighborhood, the villas will be of very high quality; and an architectural style that links the traditional and modern.

The first phase of the investment includes 22 villas, divided into three plans/ types.

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All windows are made of anthracite-colored PVC, produced from high-quality profiles, with excellent thermal insulation and modern designs. help keep the heat on the same side of the glass from which it originates, guaranteeing comfort in any season of the year. Also, Low-E glass coatings minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light coming through the glass, without minimizing the amount of light entering the home. The windows are equipped with aluminum shutters with an electric motor, which protect from harmful UV rays, help control the climate inside the house, as well as prevent fading of window frames and furniture. Window features:

  • - 3 pane windows
  • - 4 season glass (Low-E)
  • - Aluminum blinds, with electric motor


Facade systems contain structural elements and building envelope elements that provide lateral and vertical resistance to wind and other weather conditions, possess thermal and acoustic properties and are fire-resistant. Facade features:

  • – Polystyrene EPS w= 12cm
  • – Facade 1.1mm (German Color “HUMA”)
  • - Coating the front parts of the house with "Klinker" bricks, with a thickness of 20mm

One of the most popular types of flooring nowadays is wood flooring. Wood parquet floors are a timeless opportunity that brings warmth and character to any space of your home.

    • The parquet used in the houses of Perla Residence is of the multi-layer "Tarket" type, with a thickness of 14mm.


  • Stairs are just as important as the floor, which in turn enhances and provides a beautiful view of the house. The stairs in part are made of oak wood, with a thickness of 4cm, while in the front part with white quartz, with a thickness of 2cm.

To maintain the aesthetics of the neighborhood, and to provide comfort to the residents, we have taken care that the houses have an integrated garage inside the house. Garage doors are German production, high quality with the possibility of remote control from a distance.

The electric underfloor heating system is considered one of the most efficient, eco-friendly heating systems to be implemented. This system heats the room from the floor, pushing the hot air up until it cools down, distributing the heat evenly. The electric underfloor heating system provides an energy-efficient heating system as well as interior design flexibility. The heat controller enables:

  • - Individual temperature control for each room.
  • - Programming of different temperatures at different times of the day.
  • - Special programming during weekends.

Smart home technology usually refers to devices or systems connected to an internal network that can be controlled independently and remotely. The smart home system enables the management of all your home appliances in one place, the addition of new appliances in the system, the maximization of home security, the increase of energy efficiency, as well as the control of home functions remotely. The houses in the Perla Residence neighborhood will have a very advanced Smart Home system, where you will have the opportunity to remotely control and manage your appliances:

  • - The temperature of your home, by connecting your appliance to the heating system controller.
  • - Home lighting system.
  • - Window shutters and blinds.

This system has great expansion possibilities, with functions as needed.